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Filters For The Filter Manufacturer

Filtration systems for manufacturing often require high-purity filters to remove contaminants from water, liquids or gases, as well as to optimize production and meet quality standards.  The right filters and housing greatly affect production outcomes, and can help reduce costs and protect equipment along the way.

With this in mind, Shelco Filters put its own products to the test when it built a new pleated cartridge manufacturing facility at its Middletown, Conn., headquarters.  This move required Shelco to invest in a total high purity water filtration system to be able to produce its complete line of world-class filters and housings.  At the same time, Shelco installed a certified clean room for its high-purity filters, where all assembly, testing, cleaning, drying and packaging would be completed.  Part of the certification process requires use of integrity tested filters and superior housings that meet high standards in quality and performance.

During the design phase of Shelco’s facility upgrade in 2010, the company considered ways to best leverage the integrity of its MicroVantage product line.  Shelco installed a high-caliber filtration system built and designed around the specifications of the MicroVantage filters and cartridge housing.  These housings were designed to meet the challenge of Shelco’s demands – and became the genesis for a new series of HPI housings.  This is now a product line it offers clients across the globe who are working with a wide variety of high purity equipment and applications.

The MicroVantage products were absolutely essential to meeting the heavy demands of Shelco’s manufacturing process, which includes high-purity water flushing, cleaning and testing.

The system required multiple housings with sanitary fittings, loading the final stage with Shelco’s integrity tested MAS .03 membrane elements.

The MicroVantage HPI housing is a premium-quality industrial housing loaded with standard features for high purity applications – competitively priced for exceptional value.  It is constructed of heavy duty 316L stainless steel for maximum durability and is electro-polished to provide extreme cleanliness and corrosion resistance for high purity applications.  The housings include either the V-band clamp closure option, which allow for quick and easy cartridge change outs, or the heavy duty swing bolt closure option.  Shelco utilized the V-band clamp closure in their system.

Additional features of the MicroVantage HPI housing include (as standard) the universal cup seat for either 222 flat/fin or double open-ended cartridges, along with optional 226 style connectors. There is an adjustable top plate which accepts variable cartridge lengths, and there are stainless steel liquid pressure gauges (measuring 0-200 psi), which provide easy monitoring for optimal system maintenance. These features are intended to work together to meet equipment demands, designs, and unique challenges at Shelco and at manufacturers the world over.

As a world-class manufacturer of filters, Shelco follows the most stringent production standards to manufacture these MicroVantage high-purity cartridges and housings.  Shelco knows it clients appreciate the filter’s durability and housing’s corrosion resistance – key to achieving cost savings and maintaining production quality.  Additionally, as with all its products, Shelco provides a unique lot code to each grade of cartridge (general, beverage, electric, or pharmaceutical), which is an important step for quality assurance and traceability.

Today, Shelco manufactures its innovative filters and housings in Connecticut.  Its filtration system is nearing its second anniversary, and has proven itself to meet the rigors of Shelco’s own manufacturing process.  With proper monitoring and maintenance over these first years of operation, the filters have performed as anticipated – and have only needed to be changed through the normal maintenance process.

When a company becomes its own customer, it has the opportunity to truly understand the end-user experience, particularly over the test of time.  This is a step beyond product testing and quality control; it is a real-world application in a real-world setting. Just like any manufacturer, Shelco cannot tolerate equipment down-time, costly filter changes, or poor-quality filtration.  The risks are too high and much is on the line.  With its MicroVantage series of high-purity housings and pleated cartridges, Shelco is meeting its production goals, maintaining its certification levels, and continuing to meeting the demands of its diverse clients.

This article originally appeared on WaterOnline.com.